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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Shower... Really?!?!

I am fully aware that women need to celebrate the milestones in their lives. And I am also aware that I may sound like an episode of Sex and the City circa 2001. But I really don't understand why I have to sit through the same old crap at every baby shower I go to (please note this also includes bridal showers and even bachelorette parties). I mean with all the technology, news at our finger tips, blogs filled with ideas from all over the world. I have to look at a melted candy bar in a diaper and tell you what I think it is. I would rather that you just give me the (non melted) candy bar and let me watch Psych on my iPod while the rest of you try not to say the word "baby". There I said it now take my clothespin so I can have an adult conversation.

Don't get me wrong, I love babies, a lot. No, I do not currently own any of my own and the verdict is still out on wether or not I will in the future. (yes, I am fully aware I am 35 and I hear the ticking, but I like to drowned it out with some Blue Eyed Soul from England). But even when I start to think that procreating is a good idea I have a friend get pregnant and suck all of the magic out of having some little alien life form feeding off of you and making you fat (ter than you already are) and making it impossible to sit through an entire episode of Mad Men without peeing 28 times. So don't give me the "babies are blessing from God" look. Because, so are husbands, and God seems to be dragging his feet on that one too, but I digress. :)

So really, all I am saying is that I would love to go to your baby/bridal/some other thing I have yet to do shower. But can you please be creative. Can we laugh about stupid baby stories we have hear before,  look at old pictures, laugh about how we cannot believe that God would intrust this person with a little life. I mean as we get older and busier the times friends get together in the same room is few and far between. So can we take advantage of this time. I am sure that being pregnant does not suck out all of the fun you used to be in your  pre-gestational life time, right out of your body when the sperm hits the egg. I know you can't "drop it like it's hot" at 8 months. But I don't want to guess what baby food is housed in the unlabeled jar being shoved in my face, and all the other cute little games your best buddy at your job designed to make your sarcastic friend that you have had for years, have to choke down vomit to show how much she loves you.

here are my ideas for a baby shower (if I do head down the mommy road):
juice shooters - you don't need alcohol to laugh after flinging your head back and drinking something quickly. The actual physical motion causes the laughter, not the alcohol.

pin the umbilical  cord on the baby - who wouldn't want to see their friends waving around a pink coil of construction paper while donning a sleep mask. It is only fair, since they would have watched my trying to navigate with a huge belly for the past few moths.

make your own ____________ - I am saying I will be pregnant, and hungry. Heck I am always hungry now and there are no additional life form floating around in my body. So make the eating fun. it can be tacos, cupcakes, you name it. But it just gives you a chance to eat and laugh with good friends.

Maybe my shower sounds boring to you, that's cool, stay home. But shouldn't it be about old and new friends getting together and laughing, sharing stories and giving advice? That is what I would want. And if I was one of those lucky few who have no struggles during their pregnancy, I am all about the dancing and singing at my shower.

Well, I have to wrap this up. I am actually heading to a shower in a few minutes. (really). So we shall SEE.

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  1. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!! I am fully aware that the possibility of me having kids is getting closer and closer and I already have an idea for my baby shower. 1) Co-ed. Umm it's Karl's kid too so why shouldn't he be there? 2) NO GAMES! I hate all those games. Actually the one I do like is everyone bring a baby pic of themselves and we have to guess who is who. 3) FOOD! I want tons of food. GOOD food not crap food. And drinks. Sometimes this is the only "party" people have time for all week or even month, I should at least supply good food and drinks 4) Music and or sporting event. If our shower is on a Sunday day, let's watch football. If it's a Saturday night let's dance 5) Bring gifts BUT we won't open them in front of you. Seriously, sitting through gift opening that's NOT for you is SO LAME! 6)The one baby oriented idea would be to have a book for the baby and everyone give it life advice. "From your Uncle B-Thomp, Stay away from dirty girls. They can seem like fun at first but they will only get your into trouble." Stuff like that.

    I mean, I am about to be a parent and my social life will be out the window with a couple of painful pushes, so if this is one of my final parties I don't want to sit and ohh and ahh over tiny socks and baby oil! I want to eat, dance, and talk to my friends and family!