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I am well into my 30s and realize that I see the world differently than most of the people in my life. My views and beliefs are eclectically infused by my multi-racial background, love of the triune, over active brain, dual handedness and open mind to way too many things.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So, it has been a long time since I have written on this page. A lot has happened, some things great, some things small. But I recently noticed that one of the best (and very random) parts of my day, is sharing stories and my perspective on different situations with my coworker.

This (ans my coworker) got me thinking that maybe I need to start blogging again... So hopefully I will.

Since I am working on a really uninteresting chapter in a 6th grade math book, I will not start now. But I feel like this post makes it real, because somewhere out there, 3-5 people may read this. And, since I am a woman of my word (most days) this small promise is hopefully enough to reignite the desire to write some of my life and perspective down...

... we shall see.