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I am well into my 30s and realize that I see the world differently than most of the people in my life. My views and beliefs are eclectically infused by my multi-racial background, love of the triune, over active brain, dual handedness and open mind to way too many things.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Let me first start by saying, Welcome to my blog. I hoe you enjoy it. Shoot, I hope I enjoy it. I had to run a blog for a class I recently took and love to read my little sister's blog "alittleofthisandawholelottathat" which always makes me hungry. This is the problem with being the "big"sister. Not just in age.

I am a completely random person who really loves life but also enjoys complaining about the obvious and not so obvious. Complaining is not really the right word. I like to discuss in colorful words and terms the oddness of people, traditions and what have you.

I have no idea if my rants and raves will interest anyone in the world. But I will gladly throw my perspective out into this cyberjungle for all to peruse and see what happens.

I can't promise that I will update regularly or have a specific goal to my posts. But I am pretty sure all will be packed with a lot of humor and some usable insight. I am in love with Jesus so at times, much like in life, I reference Him. I am not trying to choke anyone with my beliefs. But it would be like a happily married woman trying not to gush about her husband. She is not promoting marriage just enjoying that which has made her life balanced and amazingly better. If someone falls in love with Him because of my infectious love for Him that is awesome. If not, that's ok, in a sense. But I will ask that no matter what I post that you respect my MAN!! LOL!!! (anything else is yours for the commenting!)

So I am sure this was the worst welcome of all time. But it is also probably a good indicator of what to expect on this blog - any and everything.


  1. you could be the most important person on earth

  2. When you first entered my life I knew God loved me so I spent the years since trying to prove I love you.