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I am well into my 30s and realize that I see the world differently than most of the people in my life. My views and beliefs are eclectically infused by my multi-racial background, love of the triune, over active brain, dual handedness and open mind to way too many things.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Run THIS Race

Yesterday I ran around a local reservoir practicing for a marathon relay this Saturday. This is the same place I ran when I decided to do a triathalon a few years back. Now let me be clear, I am NOT the woman I may appear to be in the last few sentences. in fact I am I never been a runner in my life. I would get winded if I jogged two blocks.

As I was running yesterday I thought about that first day I tried running (for the triathalon) and there was this white light house looking thing in the corner of the track and I kept telling myself if I could just run to that white thing I could become a runner. It took me about two weeks to get up enough stamina to accomplish this small goal. The distance is probably a quarter of a mile. As I headed back to that same track this summer I parked in a different spot to make that building my first goal again. this time it was about 3/4 miles away. But I quickly reached that goal by my second day of training. Last night I blew past that building several times to complete a 4.5 mile run.

As I ran I felt like the other people on the track should have been cheering for me, calling my name and waving signs. But they didn't. Well a few may have been pulling for me since I run crooked which makes me look like I am training for the kind of race where everyone gets a medal (not knocking the Special Olympics, I have spent many hours supporting my little heroes). But it made me realize that we are all on a journey at the same time and often on the same track. If I am not cheering or supporting anyone why would I expect the same.

I like to run alone, then I can go at my own pace, if I stumble no one knows, and if I give up a little only me and God really see. But life is not to be run alone. Sometimes you need others to push you hard, pick you up when you fall, and expect more from you than short cuts or giving up.And this means you have to give them the same support too.

Sometimes when I run I see an older woman who walks the opposite way! She now puts both hands up adn gives a silent cheer when I run past, and I smile and whisper encouragements to her. But this took building a tiny relationship with her with smiles and head nods. But on days when she is there it is easier for me to run, and her silent cheers are music to my ears.

I pray that each of you has or finds a great group of people to run this race with! I have!!!