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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be Beautiful

It is funny to me how a great beauty product, secret or stylist can be life changing. In January I was introduced to a new hair stylist. Those who know me know that I kept my hair short and overworked for well over a decade (if not two - but this blog post is about beauty not math so I am not going to take the time to be exact). I spent so many years getting mad at those "don't cut off too much" women at the salon. But I recently discovered that I too am one of those women and my former stylist didn't seem to care. So I ventured out with a head full of split ends to try someone new. By the end of the 1.5 hour process I was smitten with her skills. My hair was shiny, bouncy, beautiful and not too short. You know it is a great style when it saddens you to have to wash it. But I did and it is still cute!
I noticed as I walked out of the salon and the days that followed that I had a new pep in my step (and kink in my neck from flinging my sultry locks every which way I could).

Now don't get me wrong I am woman hear me roar! I don't equate my worth to my looks at all. And this in no way means I don't consider myself to be cute. I think we should all see someone beautiful when we look in the mirror, and if you don't go look a gain and stand there until you see something worth smiling about because God made you (and "God don't make no junk"). But a new cut, lipgloss, lost 5 pounds or what have you can really make a difference in the day to day grind.
So as snow falls across the majority of the country and summer seems like a fleeting memory, I say go out and get your toes done... or a bikini wax... or buy a new pencil skirt, what ever it takes to make you feel extra cute. Because beauty does not measure self worth it simply assures everyone (including yourself on those bad days) that you have it!

And if you happen to be on a tight budget here are some free or (almost free) things you can do to kick it up a little bit!

*whiten your teeth with peroxide on a q-tip (once every three days, you will see a noticeable change in a week and not have to pay for Crest White strips)

*tweeze your brows - a simple clean up can make a huge difference

*smile - it really is the sexiest thing you can do with your face!

*wear those sexy heals you bought on a whim and are sitting in the back of your closet to work. (Even if you have to wear boots until you get in the front door)

*put a TINY bit of blush on your chin and forehead for that summer sun kissed look

*paint your nails (take your time and it will be worth it!)

Ok ladies (sorry guys I will try to make the next one more interesting - if there are any guys even reading this), well that is it. Make your outside as cute as your inside and don't feel bad about doing it. Vanity is not knowing you are cute and loving it, it is having excessive pride in your looks. That is a huge difference. So go forth and be beautiful.

**Special thanks to Kelly Beverly as Chrome Salon for bringing my hair back to life!


  1. I have two word for you that will save you a lot of money. "Bald head" -Think about it.

  2. You are so funny!!! I have come very close to that in my life, twice! What ever makes you feel pretty is good!!

  3. When I shaved my head I was like two different colors for about a week. One of my customers thought I had cancer.

  4. Thanks Dani! BTW you always look great!