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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Does it Really Pay to "Discover"

Written December 4, 2008 on Facebook. 

So I was watching tv today… Ok, really I was watching a television show on the internet!! (The best thing about technology taking over everything) Anyways, I saw this Discover Card commercial that said something to the effect of life is cool and there is so much cool stuff out there that we all want. (I was in agreement at this point) and then it went on to say that it is ok to want all of it and to have all of it, you just need a credit card that gives you great rewards. (If you have not guessed by now this is where I stopped agreeing with the commercial). I guess I need to back track a little bit. I am a recovering spend-a-holic. A few months ago I was sitting on the stoop with a friend who has three kids and a non working husband and realized that she and her family were poor. Not strapped for cash, hitting a rough spot or anything like that. I sat there in mid conversation and realized that this woman I had shared so many laughs with over the last year was not just poor but well below the poverty line. I am not a cold hearted self absorbed person, I had done my part of dropping things off here and there to help out or just make the day a little better. And we had shared our faith, dreams and aspirations. It was just that I had really honestly never known what it was like to have next to nothing. Even on my worst day I have my parents to fund dreams, help clean up mistakes and just support my love for fashion. 
At the same time I was going through this revelation that my, what I considered to be low budget, life seemed extravagant to the people I had met over the last year. I started to tabulate all the times I had come home with bags of clothes, purses and shoes and they were tucking kids in with half empty bellies. I was then hit head on with financial stewardship being the new topic at church. I decided, in the heat of the sermon to take a financial fast. I tried to keep it a secret, but I am a shopper and when I don’t shop people really notice, and as I began to tell others about my choice it was cool to see the reactions. Aside from gas, basic foods and a few fellowship commitments I had made prior to the fast my money only went to bills and giving. 
In little over a month, a lot changes to a person when you have to pay attention to every single cent you spend, make sure it is a needed purchase and that God approves of it. I could go on but the point I was originally trying to make was about the commercial. YES! There is a lot of cool stuff out there, and it is only human to want it. But, there are so many more things and people that you could spend your time and money on. There will always be a better tv, iPod, pair of Ugg boots or whatever it is that makes you want to pull out the plastic and face the consequences later. So you can get the card that gives you 5% cash back on all purchases made between 3:46 and 3:52AM in Fiji. Or you can take some time and run your financial plan pass God and really see some true REWARDS. 
Since the economy is taking a nose dive knit a scarf, write a poem, give a hug or whatever. Just remember that it only takes a simple action to show someone the love that they need, but it takes like 30 years to pay off a $45 purchase on a Discover card! 
NOTE: My notes are a simple chronicle of my life, which encompasses my walk with God. Feel free to read and comment regardless of what you do or do not believe in. After my first one I saw that it got all my people from all beliefs talking and I loved it. So no matter what you have to say, this is what I have to say. And in this big spending, over-commercialized, extremely skewed season of shop ‘til you drop to prove you love, status, and wealth to others, time of year (Oh yeah that was originally designed to celebrate the birth of Christ), I just wanted to give you all a little something to think about. 

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